Title: Blood of Flowers, The
Authors: Amirrezvani, Anita
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 457
Year: 2007
Language: English
Description: A young teenage girl narrates this story of life in 17th-century Iran and the difficulties she faces after her father’s death. With no means of support, she and her mother become servants in their relatives' home. There, despite her gender, the young woman learns the art of carpet design but dowryless, she is pressured into a sigheh, or temporary marriage, in which a woman offers sexual favours in return for money. A haunting story of a young woman making a place for herself in a society indifferent to her plight. What's Hot - January 2013

Comments from Groups:

"What a wonderful read. 'Blood of the Flowers' was absorbed by our readers who totally enjoyed the author's writing and inclusion of the fables along the way... She [the narrator] is a character who will stay with us ... " Palmerston North 006

"We loved the great story richly told with wonderful descriptions of Persian life in the 17th century. We had lots of discussion about the position of women, attitudes to sex, harshness of life then, the food and value of rugmaking." Christchurch 143

"Entrancing story. Fantastic historical tale." Christchurch 229

Categories: Fiction, Historical, Iran, What's Hot, Popular Book with Groups


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