Title: Cutting for Stone
Authors: Verghese, Abraham
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 541
Year: 2009
Publisher: Vintage Books
Language: English
Description: Marion and Shiva Stone are twin brothers born of a secret union between a beautiful Indian nun and a brash Orthopaedic surgeon. Orphaned by their mother's death and their father's disappearance, bound together by a preternatural connection and a shared fascination with medicine, the twins come of age as Ethiopia hovers on the brink of revolution. Moving from Addis Ababa to New York City and back again, Cutting for Stone is an unforgettable story of love and betrayal, medicine and ordinary miracles, and two brothers whose fates are forever intertwined. [Taken from the book cover.] [Big read}

Comments from Groups:

All really enjoyed this book. Great characters, twin interactions and life experiences. Otokoroa 001

We really enjoyed this book and think that it is the best book that we have read this year. Nelson 012

Top scorer for our group-this is the way we like to learn about places and peoples we know about but little of. Those who had already read it, still raved and reminisced along with us. Auckland 063

The group really enjoyed reading this book-especially those of us with a medical background. It was not without faults and could have done with some editing, being rather rambling, especially at the beginning. It was as though the author could not leave anything out! Wellington 074

Impressed everyone and enjoyed by all-except for a couple who felt slightly squeamish over the surgical details! Thanks, as always. Hamilton 007

We mostly found this a very good read. Some found it compulsive reading. One member did not enjoy it at all. Great discussion. Whangamata 002

Most of us (8/10) enjoyed the book very much; comments ranged from magnificent through to moving, impossible to put down and full of wisdom. Those less impressed found it melodramatic and too contrived. The questions were numerous and not always easy to answer, but they generated an excellent long discussion around matters medical, and the nature of the various relationships in the story. It was generally agreed that Thomas Stone was an emotional cripple.Recommended for its generosity of story, setting and character. Tairua 001

The best book yet- we all loved it! A real saga with a fantastic level of detail. An interesting and informative book about Ethiopia and health issues. The characters are so alive and very believable. Good views on religion and sex in those times. The story was full of surprises , and the quality of the language was excellent. Thank you. Christchurch 240

The majority of our readers "loved" the book. The characters were well developed and the author made them vivid in his descriptions of their backgrounds and relationships with each other. Many readers enjoyed the medical detail as if they, too, were students. A worthy read! Nelson 058

Members of the group who persevered with the book were rewarded with a great read. Many were daunted however by small print and lots of pages - very wordy! Hastings 007

This book was a real hit. Two of our members have even purchased copies! After the gruelling first part, it develops into a beautifully written gripping story. The action covers both the tumultuous history of Ethiopia, and spreads out to India and the United States. The main characters are well-drawn and believable. The grimness is leavened by humorous passages. Lower Hutt 004

We all loved it. How unusual to read such detail about surgical procedures in a work of fiction! We all enjoyed the various cultural dimensions, and felt that the Ethiopian detail was really interesting. Opotiki 002

We had an enthralling discussion as several of our members are doctors' wives. Their husbands have been thinking more and more that bedside medicine is very important, and that their training was lacking emphasis on empathy and sensitivity. Richmond 001

A thoroughly engrossing long saga. A real "get your teeth into" story. Loved the character development, especially Hema, we felt as though we knew her. We felt the same about Sister Mary Joseph; even though she died at the beginning, she was still a strong presence throughout the book. Lots of surprises, sadness and a great portrayal of difficult political times in Ethiopia. The author touched on these issues just enough to influence the shaping of the story. Highly recommended for those who enjoy delving into the culture of other countries , and who are looking for a more in-depth and longer read. Blenheim 012

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By: WHANG 023 2018-10-22 18:55:27
What a brilliant story! Well received by all that read it. A sizeable read too, not for those short on time. Comes highly recommended.

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