Title: Open: An Autobiography
Authors: Agassi, Andre
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 386
Year: 2009
ISBN-10(13): 9780007281435
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
Description: It is shocking to discover that tennis great Andre Agassi hated tennis. With a refreshing degree of candour, this autobiography reveals the conflicted man behind the outstanding tennis career; the pitfalls on the path to maturity, the dysfunction and the success, and everything between. With its open and honest disclosures, this is a fascinating story that will appeal to both tennis fans and those who have never graced a court.

Comments from Groups:

Great easy to read book. The story flowed well. Provided plenty of discussion on sports people and their childhoods. Ashburton 13

Very enjoyable. Even non sports people enjoyed this. Ohope 5

Everyone thought the book was wonderful, incredibly well written. Christchurch 145

Those who were not interested in tennis found it rivetting and enjoyable. Auckland 37

Everyone enjoyed the book, some interesting discussion about the psychological aspects of being a top sports person. Christchurch 292

Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Contemporary, Morals/Ethics, USA, America, What's Hot, Popular Book with Groups, Blind Foundation book, Sport


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By: HAMIL 059 2018-06-22 14:58:45
Some didn't enjoy this as much as others -generally those not interested in tennis. However an easy read. An honest 'open' biography.

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