Title: Beauty of Humanity Movement, The
Authors: Gibb, Camilla
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 294
Year: 2010
Publisher: Random House
Language: English
Description: Taken to the USA as a child, Maggie Ly is returning to her Vietnamese roots, both in her capacity as a curator and as a daughter seeking to discover what happened to her father, a dissident artist who disappeared at the time of the fall of Saigon. Back in Hanoi, Maggie is aided in her quest by Old Man Hu'ng a pho (soup) maker and Tu, a young tourist guide.

Gently paced and with an intriguing plot, this is a vividly exotic story that thoughtfully captures both past and contemporary Vietnam.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"The book gives a wealth of Vietnamese history beautifully and vividly portraying the people and their humanity."

"The book takes you on a fantastic cultural journey and is beautifully written."

"It is generally a light read, but by no means is the story superficial. A gem."

"This is a love story but not of the romantic kind. It's a story of love, kindness and consideration of one's fellows set against the harsh realities of the very opposite."

Comments from Groups:

We really liked this book. Many of the group had been to Vietnam & could easily identify with the imagery. Old Man Hung was a fabulous character. Bream 001

We really enjoyed the book-the insights to the history of Vietnam and the struggles of the people. We are so lucky to live in NZ. It was interesting to hear stories from members who had travelled there. Te Puke 001

Excellent book enjoyed by all. Great insight into culture & history of Vietnam. Amazing examples of resilience and self-preservation. Characters all beautifully developed as story progresses. Highly recommend. Auckland 280

All of the group thoroughly enjoyed this book in spite of the many tragic events that occur. It is beautifully written & Gibb's descriptions of the characters makes it easy to visualise them and their activities. We do not agree with the Daily Mail that it is a `funny` book, but definitely `moving and romantic`. Napier 016

Everyone liked the book; great to read about [a] different culture one might not know a lot of. Great to have the questions for discussion as they help to focus on special themes (culture, art, relationships, etc) Wanaka 014

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By: CHCH 206 2018-05-08 09:25:22
Our group all really enjoyed reading this book. It recalled individual experiences in Vietnam including the sights, attitudes of the people we met and general impressions which all echoed the tenor of the book. Once again it was so interesting to discuss the difficulties faced by the migrant/displaced children and also the survivors of war. It prompted a number of our members to seek out other books that the author had written.

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