Title: Spark, The
Authors: Barnett, Kristine
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 250
Year: 2013
Language: English
Description: As with all mothers, Kristine Barnett wanted her son to reach his full potential, but in Jake's case, with an early diagnosis of autism, it looked to be a limited potential. Trusting her own instincts instead of the advice of the experts, Kristine undertook to nurture Jake's 'spark', focusing on what he could do instead of what he could not do, with extraordinary results. Teaching himself calculus in two weeks and at age twelve becoming a paid researcher in quantum physics, Jake's trajectory is impressive. So too are the hope and care Kristine has been able to give other families with children with special needs when she established a pre-school that espouses the very same approach.

This book is a truly inspirational page-turner that demonstrates the power of love to overcome adversity, and recognises that all children, whatever their circumstances, have untapped potential.

Comments from Groups:

A compelling read.. Lower Hutt 8

Inspiring.. Amazing. Auckland 078

A great book, would highly recommend this one. Provoked some great discussion from everyone. Kaukapakapa 2

Overall a fantastic first book for our group. Most members said it wasn't a book they themselves would have chosen, but all were really happy to have read it, and all of us have taken positive ideas from the book and implanted them into our family lives. Auckland 319

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By: CHCH 449 2018-05-07 16:48:57
We enjoyed this book to varying degrees. Most felt concerned about the author's need to be a rescuer putting her own health at risk. The book was as much about her as about Jake. Jake is an absolute exception to most autistic people. Many mums of asphergers or autistic kids might read this book and feel guilty that they haven't been able to devote their lives to unlocking the key to their child's social and academic future.

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