Title: Just Mercy
Authors: Stevenson, Bryan
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 335
Year: 2014
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Language: English
Description: Although he grew up in a poor black community in the American South, Bryan Stevenson is a Harvard graduate, a law professor and an influential and impassioned advocate for those at the bottom of the heap. With their fate resting in the balance, he established a legal practice, the Equal Justice Initiative, which has successfully defended many of those most in need.

With one in three black men imprisoned in the USA, his plea for justice and mercy from their dysfunctional criminal justice system is compelling and powerfully argued. A disturbing but undoubtedly inspiring story. [Small font]

Comments from Groups:

This book provoked great conversation. We were all equally appalled at the state of the American Criminal Justice system and how there is so much discrimination against the African-Americans, women and the mentally disabled. We voted this our most challenging book this year. [Christchurch 196]

A very stimulating and timely read. This book should be read by everyone to remind us of our freedom and political choices. [Taupo 007]

For once were were unanimous - all thought it was a most stimulating, horrific account of the author's work. We were full of admiration for Bryan Stevenson - his perseverence, philosophy and humanity. This book colours our reading of 'events' in the US. [Christchurch 058]

All agreed that this was compelling and at times hard to put down as the content is so challenging. Lively conversation about racism. [Raumati 001]

General concensus - well-written and enlightening. Though at times horrifying. One member found it so distressing it affected her sleep. Bryan Stevenson's commitment to battling for his death row clients is inspiring in an unbelievably corrupt system. We learnt a lot! [Wanaka 005]
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By: HAVE 016 2018-07-16 14:36:20
Book enjoyed by everyone. However most found it quite devastating to read, and were horrified at the sentences imposed. Comment was made on the excellent narrative eg. the Walter story coming in bits and pieces through the book. We embrace the power of individuals to make a difference and we admire Stevenson for his work, conviction and fortitude.

By: GREYT 001 2018-07-16 14:28:44
A very well written and powerful book - rated very highly by all the group and it engendered a wide ranging discussion.

By: WELL 060 2017-12-20 10:40:12
Amazing book - very sobering. Everyone should read this book!

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