Title: Let There Be Water
Authors: Siegel, Seth M
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 337
Year: 2016
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Language: English
Description: It's official - global water shortages are looming. Necessity being the mother of invention has meant that Israel, with 60% of its land in desert, is in the perfect position to lead the way in how to transform water scarcity into water abundance with its use of cutting-edge technology, conservation and promotion of a water-sensitive culture. Not only does this well-researched report document the people and solutions involved in this success, but also reveals the potential of water systems collaboration to promote diplomacy.

An informative, enthusiastic and inspiring account of Israel’s rise to a water superpower, and what their blueprint offers a thirsty world.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"What a pleasure to read of successful projects in an increasingly hostile and fractious world."

"This book should inform a wide audience – more especially those concerned with water security, pollution, sewerage treatment and hydro chemistry."

"An easy to read book that is very topical with the global water crisis looming."

"Some may claim the book is a pro-Israeli stance on geopolitical issues. I did find the last section to be slightly propagandised."

"It is easy to read and is full of amazing information."

"A remarkable story of how Israel provided safe, secure and abundant water supply not only for personal use but to make the desert bloom with their agriculture."

"The book gives hope for a future in which resources are very likely to be in short supply."
Categories: Non fiction, Community, Contemporary, Environmental, Historical, Learning, Science & Technology, Israel, 2019 Titles


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