Title: News of the World
Authors: Jiles, Paulette
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 209
Year: 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
Description: It's not quite time for Captain Jefferson Kidd to hang up his saddle ... he may be getting on in years, but there are still plenty who will pay to hear him read the news of the world. However, it's not itinerant news-reading that is going to keep him on the road, but the request to escort Johanna Leonberger, a ten-year-old liberated captive of the Kiowa. Their 400-mile journey south will be through hostile territory and will culminate with a family faced with a child, a now stranger caught between two worlds.

This convincingly rendered story of 1870s Texas, complete with appealing characters and an evocative landscape, brings to the fore the price of honour and the rewards of nurturing trust.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Every now and again, a book comes along that has you entranced by the major characters, and this is one of those! A gem."

"Loved it. It's beautifully written – I wasn't surprised to find that the author is also a poet."

"Captain Kidd is a gentleman I'd love to know, and his 10 year old 'charge', Johanna, will make you laugh out loud, but also shed a tear."

"With a couple of chapters to go, I didn't know how it would finish. I think the ending alone would make a great discussion."

"I was surprised to find that children abducted by Native American Indians always wanted to return to their Indian families. A fascinating book. I did like Captain Kidd!"

"Beautifully written historical fiction with a strong sense of time and place."

"It gives the reader a good idea of what it must have been like when anarchy ruled in 1870 Texas and every man did what was right in his own eyes."

Categories: Fiction, Adventure/Exploration, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Historical, Morals/Ethics, Relationships, America, 2019 Titles


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