Title: Reckoning
Authors: Szubanski, Magda
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 371
Year: 2015
Publisher: Text Publishing
Language: English
Description: With a Scottish granny, an Irish Catholic mother and a Polish father, you'd expect to have a few jokes up your sleeve ... and Magda Szubanski certainly does. Best known for her roles in Kath and Kim and Babe, this Australian entertainer reveals that the path to stardom has had many a pitfall. Along the way she has needed to reconcile with the usual accommodations of entering adulthood, but also her beloved father's role as an assassin during the Warsaw Uprising in WWII, and more latterly, with the decision to publicly acknowledge her sexual orientation.

This is no frivolous celebrity memoir, but a story of substance, a voyage of discovery to understand self and family; a brave and tender, beautifully written reckoning.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Beautiful writing with very evocative descriptions - a joy to read."

"Szubanski paints wonderful word pictures."

"I think this is a must read. A great book."

"Brilliant writing with a wonderfully rich vocabulary."

"The book is at times very, very funny."

"This book should appeal to all – her sexuality is written of in a very non-confrontational style."

"The book provides a wonderful insight into the life of Magda as a real person and not just the very clever actress and comedian we see on the TV."

"Highly recommended memoir."
Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Contemporary, Feminism, Gender Issues, Humour, Relationships, 2019 Titles


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