Title: Art of Waiting, The
Authors: Boggs, Belle
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 242
Year: 2016
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Language: English
Description: 'Write about something you know' is common advice for writers and American Belle Boggs follows this to the letter. Bringing her own experience to this wide-ranging exploration of infertility and motherhood ensures a thoughtful as well as factual account of this challenging issue.

Drawing on sociology, psychology and literature as well as medical research, this is a memoir with a difference: an accessible, empathetic examination of child-bearing in the 21st century, from the personal to the public, and everything between.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"A wide range of ethical, medical and emotional issues considered in a very readable style."

"I think this book will be an excellent catalyst for discussions, although there could be very strong differences regarding religion and/or non-traditional family structures."

"It's very American – I didn't get hooked right at the started but it seemed to get better and better."

"The writing style is accessible, despite some fairly complex medical or business-related sections."

"This book should have wide appeal, given the highly topical nature of the subject and the well-publicised issues around fertility."

"We receive an honest account of Boggs' journey and as she's a writer by profession, it flows very well."

"It has a gentle and empathetic feel, yet it's also technical and proficient."
Categories: Non fiction, Feminism, Medical/Health, Morals/Ethics, Science & Technology, Social commentary/perspectives, 2019 Titles


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