Title: Road No Good
Authors: Isichei, Bridget
Genre: Non Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 242
Year: 2017
Publisher: Finch Publishing
Language: English
Description: When Bridget Isichei up sticks and relocates to Luganville on the Vanuatu island of Espiritu Santo, one of the obvious contrasts to her white middle-class life, is her new street address - not the familiar Smith Street or Jones Lane, but 'Road No Good', the first of many interesting differences she was to face during her two-year stay. Having accepted a New Zealand Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) assignment to teach pre-school teachers, Bridget finds herself immersed in a society that simultaneously practises black magic and a Christian faith and ranks pigs higher than women - something she and the women she is to teach, are determined will not be a barrier to their education.

Written with sensitivity and respect, this is an inspiring story of friendship, of the power of education, and the realisation that none of us have all the answers.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I loved the book. From my personal experience I found it credible."

"I think this book would appeal to most women, especially teachers. It would be inspirational to young people interested in VSA or similar work."

"I think this book will have wide appeal. It's easy to read and easy to get involved with the author's experiences."

"This is a very readable story of positive, honest interaction between individuals from very different cultures."

"I enjoyed reading of what Bridget learnt from the women – how to be grateful, have faith and be content."
Categories: Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Community, Contemporary, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Feminism, Gender Issues, Grief/loss, Human Rights, Morals/Ethics, Travel, 2019 Titles


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