Title: Judas
Authors: Oz, Amos
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 274
Year: 2016
Publisher: Vintage Books
Language: English
Description: Once upon a time there was a house on the outskirts of Jerusalem and in it lived an old man, his beautiful widowed daughter-in-law and a hapless young man. Having abandoned his studies, the young man in question, Shmuel Ash, accepts employment, in the winter of 1959, as Zionist Gershom Wald's live-in companion expressly required to spend each evening debating with his employer.

Moving between the provocative mix of Judaism, Christianity and the Jewish/Arab conflict, their nightly wrangling gives voice to arguments of intellectual challenge and the history of their fledgling nation.

A complex and multi-layered story with betrayal at its heart.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"A very satisfying read with characters who are all flawed and believable."

"This book challenges the reader and may not immediately engage, but it is well worth the effort."

"An extraordinary book by a gifted writer. I found it intensely interesting and thought-provoking."

"Superbly written."

"Interesting reading about the creation of Israel and their war with the Arabs."

"I enjoyed finding out more about Judaism and how it differs from Christianity."

"A complex and multi-layered book full of allegory, which meant I found it a slow but thought-provoking read."

"The writing is as assured, accomplished and polished as one would expect from an author of the stature of Oz."

"This is an intelligent book which will delight serious readers, but a basic knowledge of the origins of Christianity is essential and there is little levity in the book."
Categories: Fiction, War theme, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Historical, Morals/Ethics, Political, Religion, Social commentary/perspectives, Translation, Israel, Jewish Culture, 2019 Titles


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