Title: Days Without End
Authors: Barry, Sebastian
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 301
Year: 2016
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Language: English
Description: Forced from his native Ireland by the deprivations of the potato famine, young Thomas McNulty throws his lot in with the American Army. With brother-in-arms John Cole in tow, these young men witness and participate in the painful birth of a nation. First it is the Indian Wars - rescuing and adopting an Indian girl as they go - and then the Civil War.

Distinguished by the beauty of its language and Thomas' narration, this novel, where brutality and compassion exist side-by-side, delivers a unique perspective of nineteenth century America.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Great story, easy writing style and a good length."

"A tale of extremes and contrasts: casually brutal in places while touchingly endearing in others."

"The same character can be the hero in one scene then the devil himself in another."

"A book I enjoyed and took quite a bit from, but the big plus is its discussion value."

"It's full of adventure with interesting characters. Well written for its genre."

"Lovely lyrical writing propels the pretty violent story along."

"The violence is quite graphic – but it is in the context of battle or fighting."

"I found this to be an exceptionally thought-provoking read."
Categories: Fiction, War theme, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Gender Issues, Historical, Relationships, America, 2019 Titles


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