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Staff and volunteers share some of their favourite reads from the scheme.

More Staff Picks

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Aimee - a gripping story
Aimee works part-time in our distribution area, unpacking returned books and reshelving them. She convenes a book group of 8 women and often have extreme differences of opinion!  Books from the scheme that she has recently enjoyed are: 1. Second Chances 2. Gathering of Waters 3. The Rosie Project Read More

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Megan - thoughtful and inspiring
Megan is our promotions person. She enjoys books that are inspiring or in which people or characters grow and develop. Some of her 'most enjoyable' picks include: 1. Where the Rekohu Bone Sings 2. The Good Doctor 3. The Brighter Side of My Condition "Witty and insightful; a little bit dark. Loved the characters' idioms and ways of speaking."  4. The President's Hat Read More

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Jane - busy mum's choices
Jane is one of our dispatch team. As a busy mum of three, a book needs to be an absorbing and enjoyable distraction! Her reading highlights include: 1. Second Chances "A great story by Charity Norman." 2. Our Souls At Night 3. The Light Between Oceans 4. A Man called Ove "I felt sorry for him" she says of the main character.  Read More

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Trisha - non-fiction
Trisha, an ex-staff member of BDS, comes in once a week to cover books as a volunteer. She prefers non-fiction but also enjoys thought-provoking 'easy to read' fiction. "I like to think about different things," she says. Trisha's top reads include: 1. An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda 2. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window  3. Thousand Hills to Heaven 4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 5. The Worst Hard Time 6. A Long Way Home [film version is 'The Lion'] "I also watched the '60 Minutes' story about this Indian boy whose mother never moved in case he came back." Read More

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Robyn - absorbing
Robyn volunteers a day a week and comes in to help cover new books. She enjoys reading "anything you can get absorbed in and forget everything else". Her top picks are: 1. Just Mercy "Sad and inspiring" 2. Our Souls At Night 3. The Industry of Souls She's also enjoyed: 4. The Birth House 5. St Agnes' Stand 6. Gweilo 7. Every Last One  Read More

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Cherie - eclectic and darker
Cherie repairs damaged books and is our administrator. She reads a range of genres but likes suspense "that is well done". "I have eclectic taste but lean towards a darker book."  Her favourite recent reads are: 1. Our Souls At Night "Not dark but a sweet story tinged with sadness." 2. The Thirteenth Tale 3. Elegance of the Hedgehog Read More

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Pat - worthwhile fiction
Pat is a volunteer who regularly comes into the BDS office to help cover new books. She's an ex-librarian and admits to reading lots of autobiographies and non-fiction during her working life. "I'm going through an African phase at the moment," she says.  Pat has recently enjoyed: 1. The Last Rhinos 2. A Thousand Hills to Heaven Read More

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