Introducing Kirsty, our new staff member

 kirsty grant close up

When our new staff member isn't making sense of figures in a spreadsheet, she's following the markings on a music score.

Kirsty Grant, our Accounts Administrator, is part of a singing sextet called Honeycomb. The 4-woman, 2-man group primarily performs at house concerts and Kirsty sings alto. Before Honeycomb, Kirsty spent 15 years with the Hagley Singers.

"Singing's my thing," she says. "I like to sing the fast, fun stuff." 

With a background in political science and a career in the tourism industry, Kirsty is relishing a change in job to the non-profit sector.

"As soon as I saw [this job advertised], I knew it was mine!" says the mother of two adult children.  She'd just started looking when she spotted our advertisement.

Kirsty will be working 30 hours a week from Monday to Friday. Convenors' financial and enrolment questions can be directed her way. She will also provide financial reports for the BDS board.

"Numbers are quite satisfying," she says.

Book-wise, Kirsty says she enjoys fiction but something with an element of truth to it or that has great characters. Anthony Doerr's All the Light We Cannot See has been a favourite this year. She says it was an unlikely recommendation from her mum, but the novel 'drew' her in.

A copy of The Lost Wife was tucked under Kirsty's elbow after day one in the office. (Bedtime reading!) 

Kirsty was most recently employed in the coach charter business and, before that, with iconic NZ travel company Thomas Cook. She doesn't have any overseas plans at present but maintains a keen interest in world events.

"I like to know what's going on in the world," she says. 


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