Potato Peel Society

A periennial question often asked by book and film buffs is: 'Is the book better than the movie?'.

When The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society hit the silver screen in Christchurch, book group CHCH 289 decided they'd find out - and asked fellow Rotarians and the BDS' Promotions staff member to come along too.

About 65 men and women from community organisation Rotary Club of Riccarton and BDS guest Megan Blakie filled the independent cinema on a Sunday in late May to watch the American produced movie. The book, written by Mary Ann Shaffer and popular with BDS groups, tells the story of a young post-WWII writer who travels to the island of Guernsey to learn about the German occupation and to meet locals who formed a book group during the war.

Convenor John MacKintosh said CHCH 289 read Guernsey five years ago. The 'mixed' (men and women) group was established 7 years ago and comes under the umbrella of the Rotary club. 

Overall, the film got the thumbs up - although John and others expressed a preference for the details of the book.

Rotarians start to fill up the theatre on a Sunday evening in May. Convenor John MacKintosh invited BDS staff member Megan Blakie to say a few words before the movie started. Photos taken by Ken Booth.

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