Life imitating the movies?

A lucky bunch of 45 BDS members won double passes to the film The Book Club, thanks to Trigger Marketing.

The company, which is promoting the film in New Zealand, approached BDS with an offer of free tickets for our members. We decided to run a competition and couldn't believe how many of you responded. It's been one of the most popular competitions ever!

We wanted to 'spread the love' and so offered 8 sets of passes to members in the main centres and the remaining passes for members in other locations (not all cinemas redeem the complimentary tickets and each winner needed to check with their local cinema). 

Here's some pics and messages (to date) from winners:

Susanna Lawrence, Gisborne:

"Thank you BDS! I took my husband with me and we both enjoyed this sweet film. Uplifting and amusing! He now really wonders what we bookies get up to! I love the BDS and my group. We do have so much fun as well as illuminating discussions."  (pic below)











Ruth Gordon: A wet Wellington day enticed Ruth to the movie: "My friend and I thought it was an easy watch. Not exactly memorable but a pleasant outing on a cold, wet Wellington day. Many thanks for the opportunity to see the film."

Laughs abounded in Huntly with Barbara Bain

"I took Linda my friend from the Huntly book club we belong too. We both loved the movie. I haven't laughed so much for a long time. Great feel good movie. " (Barbara and Linda pictured below)

In Auckland, Mia Camilleri was part of group of 4, who had mixed responses:  "...We had a great night out. This is a movie akin to a warm bath - gentle and soothing. Great to see older women in such strong roles of personal discovery. Our feelings towards the movie varied from ‘hated it’ to a ‘jolly romp’. Thanks so much for making this possible for us." (pic below)


In Christchurch, Jill Crossland was "delighted" to win and shared the passes with several in her group:

"It was great to see that other book group members develop a close bond such as we have! It was great to see such a silly slap-stick-type film and have a good laugh. It also provoked lots and lots of interesting discussion! All in all, a successful evening!"

However, Liz & Rose from Dunedin thought the film was "puerile".

Lena Metcalf, from  Lincoln "had a good laugh, at this entertaining movie, whilst stating that it was unlike our book club!!"

Sue Hamilton, from Auckland, says the film was "funny and enjoyable and quite inspiring for old age".

As with books, the film has garnered a range of opinions but it seems, overall, it provided book group members with laughs and a chance to watch another book group in action.



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